Friday, August 11, 2006

Acquiring a house

Five years ago I had acquired my first car, though a used one, out of my own earnings. It was such an emotional moment for me. Tears rolled down my eyes. We have come this up from a lower middle clas family. The emotions were much lesser when I purchased a new Wagon R in 2003. I suppose one gets used to thnings after some time. And now in August 2006, I had acquired a flat in my name with loans from my employer and my savings. Another landmark in life. But this time it gave me a lot of headache. Part of the payment had to be made in cash so that it becomes black money. For a salaried executive like me, it was difficult to convert the white money from my salary and savings in banks into black cash. I broke my head, lost my sleep and finally were able to came out with some workable solution. But the ordeal is over. The joy of acquring a property has not really shown up this time on me. Mono, my wife was however elated. May be some day I will also understand the gravity of this acquisition.